Graphic design, along with web design and digital marketing are it its full bloom. From logos, graphic art, unique artwork, and illustrations, to smart branding, materials and marketing campaigns, all these pieces are part of the huge puzzle – marketing and profit. But, while there are thousands and thousands of freelance designers and marketers available with a single click on freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr, is the industry filled with repetitiveness, non-original and tired designs? We think so. And if you stay in this shady zone, you will suffer.

Why Creativity is the Only Exit

In the last 3 or 4 years’ hundreds of thousands of designers offering copied work or repeated work (slightly modified design given to a past client). Because of the high offer and low prices, and of course high demand, designers are accepting lower prices and offer minimum originality just so they can complete more jobs and earn more. This is bad in two ways: first, the buyer gets designs with questionable quality and possibly copyright issues, and the second, the designer is giving away poor work, works more and is having a bad reputation. Creativity along with quality are the only exit!

Companies and clients are tired

The scary thing that this has been going on for years and like it will not stop for years. But since many companies that used the freelance designers were burned so much and the freelance websites now are amazing developed, shady work, low-quality design, and non-originality will suffer. Companies and small business are becoming more and more aware that for the original and high-quality design they need to break the buck.

2017 is the year of creativity – be a part of it

Thus, 2017 is the year where creativity and originality in design and marketing will restore its positions. Consequently, if you recognize yourself in some or all of the points above, stop doing that. Instead, remember that you are the creative hero. Remember why you started designing and creating something unique. Remind yourself of how amazing it feels to be creative and offer something that will leave a mark. No matter the piece of art you are acquired to do.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso. There is so much power in this quote by Picasso. Graphic designers start their careers because they have a sense and desire to create unique art, but when profits and business come in question (i.e when they grow up) staying artist is extremely hard. Expenses, eagerness and desire to earn more money are the killers of the talent!