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grande vegas online casino Last June, legendary designer Raf Simons was the talk of Pitti Uomo, Florence’s biannual menswear showcase.  Simons had made a name for himself at the helm of Dior, but after leaving the design house, he’d quickly created a loyal fan base for his namesake men’s line.  Each of his collections is relevant and refreshing, but this one was simply thrilling.  Almost every piece-the sweaters, the woven shirts-were adorned with the photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe.  Mapplethorpe made a splash in the art world back in the 70s and 80s capturing candid portraits of New York gay life.  Those same poignant, black and white photos became the centerpieces of Simons’ work.  It was a seamless collision of men’s fashion and art.  In some ways, fashion and art have always been intertwined.  But Simons’ collection was a warning of what was to come.

online casino india no deposit bonus Calvin Klein recently shot its Spring campaign in the Andy Warhol Museum.  Warhol’s work, which is revered by nearly everyone but especially the fashion world, was a familiar touchpoint for several collections during the most recent New York Fashion Week.  In past seasons, Jeremy Scott and Libertine have cited the influential pop artist as inspiration.

latest online casino bonus codes Bjarne Melgaard, a Norwegian artist, used NYFW as an opportunity to give away $500,000 of his luxury designer wardrobe.  The giveaway was no contest.  He took over the Red Bull Arts Space to literally gift the public with the clothes off his back—no strings attached.  It was performance art disguised by a strange act of charity.  And of course, mixed in with the free giveaway were 100 pieces of an upcoming streetwear release designed by him.  Regardless of how authentic the event may have been, it was clear that fashion and art were a winning combination.

online casino real money bonus Image of Bjaarn Melgaard’s event at Red Bull Arts Space (courtesy of Artsy)

highest paying online casino slots Whether it’s a snapback that serves as a canvas for an abstract painting or it’s a portrait of a well-dressed man, men’s fashion and art don’t simply coexist.  They complement each other, frequently spilling over into one another’s worlds.  For years, designers have looked to the great artists of yesteryear to inspire their patterns.  Artists have looked to talented designers as references for their work.  When these two creative industries collide, it’s a meeting of the minds.

online casino best slots In some ways, artists and designers are working to achieve the same results, just through different means.  With oil and water or cotton and polyester, they’re using a series of varied materials to create something new and sell it to the public.  They’re united in their creative process but also in their desired end result.

top 10 online casino in the world No category of menswear seems to understand that more than streetwear.  Just look at any season’s array of bomber jackets, dad hats and graphic tees.  There’s a piece of art embroidered or printed on most of them.  Or the original designs pull inspiration from art.  Even artists like Kidult have taken to defacing streetwear locations like Supreme to make an artistic statement about the culture.